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A New MP3 Journal

(with a new attitude)

Lisa Sugano
5 June
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A New MP3 Journal
with a new attitude

Welcome to my new MP3 journal! I'm onnawufei and my old MP3 journal was blueberry_gum. You may or may not (okay, probably not) be wondering why I decided to make the switch. The reason is simple, I got tired of giving and not getting back. Oh it's my own fault, I would request some songs and open myself for requests without saying "trades only" or giving a limit to those who didn't offer me anything. As a result I was bombarded with requests but didn't get much of what I wanted in return. Again, that was my own fault, but I won't make the mistake again. So now I have... rules! I now give them in nifty Q&A format!

Can I request?
Why yes you can! But there are limitations! If you're not offering me anything (a list of fairly up to date requests will be coming soon) then you are limited to one album or three mp3s.

Which list can I request from?
Whichever one I post with. If I post in a community asking for a bunch of mp3s then I'm going to hand you my mp3 request list. If I do albums I'll hand over albums. Sometimes I may do both, it all really depends I guess.

How long will it take to get my request?
I'll try to do it as quickly as possible but don't freak if it's 24 hours. I realize I left a lot of unanswered requests in my old journal but with the new rules for this one don't expect that to happen again. ;) If I say I'm gonna give you something then I'm gonna do my damndest to do it!

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